Did you know that you have 114 chakras, although there are 7 main chakras which are more widely known. Let’s focus on the main 7 for today.

But first, what is a chakra anyway? Well, Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates to wheel. So it’s an energy centre within your body or energy field that is often described as a spinning wheel. I like to view it as a spinning wheel of bright light. But the Chakras can be over or under active and even become blocked which can influence our health. But crystals can help us to keep them in alignment. So I created a set of Chakra crystals which I use and have become my most popular crystal set.


The Chakra Crystal Set has 7 main crystals plus 2 extras freebies. These include:


But how can you actually use your crystals to get the most out of your Chakra set?

1. Meditate with them on the chakra points. This is how the Chakra set was originally designed so I recommend laying on your back and placing each crystal in position on each chakra point. Then one at a time visualise the energy of each crystal travelling into your body and into the Chakra. Picture the Chakra as bright coloured light the same colour as the crystal spinning freely.

2. Choose a crystal every morning. You can choose a crystal that you feel drawn to use every day and you might want to carry it in your pocket, put it on your desk, or meditate with it. For meditating, I recommend holding it in your non-dominant hand (the hand you don’t write with).

3. Do a crystal reading. Place all the crystals into a soft bag or hat and either ask a specific question or ask your guides to show you a message through the crystals. Without looking, choose 1 crystal. To decipher the message, you can use your intuition or use a crystal resource like a book to help you. For example, if you pull a Rose Quartz crystal from the bag then the message may be that you need to be kind to yourself and practice self-love.

4. Place them around your home. You may want to choose a special location for each of your crystals. For example you could place the Amethyst on your bedside table, and the Green Aventurine in the centre of your home for health and love. You could place the Sodalite crystal on your desk to help you think clearly, or place the Orange Calcite in the wealth corner of your home (back left according to Feng Shui) for abundance.

Bonus tip: high quality Carnelian and Red Jasper can sometimes be hard to tell which is which. Red Jasper is red, opaque, and often has black banding whereas Carnelian is more orange and slightly transparent.

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Much love, Rachel


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